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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

kidecals: Love for Colorado

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Colorado has recently been hit with devastating rain that has resulted in horrible flooding, damage to homes, businesses, roads and most important lives.  Multiple people lost their lives during these monsoon like storms that took out roads with ease - there are still 60 or so people unaccounted for at this moment.  Sad.  Horrifying. Unreal.  
The pictures really show the damage and the mess that multiple counties are now having to deal with.  Not to mention the cost - cuz guess what?  Colorado is not in a flood plain...which means no flood insurance!  I cannot imagine seeing your home washed down a river and know that you will be paying outright for the rebuilding and missing items.  Makes me tear up just thinking about what those people must be feeling even weeks after the floods began.  
 Living in Colorado and seeing the rain come down in sheets and see the ongoing warnings and closings all around us was terrifying.  We were so lucky, no damage at all.  Our neighbor's weren't so lucky, their basement flooded.  They still have a standing home though.  In our area we got 8 inches of rain in a matter of 2 days.  Up north they got 8 inches in a couple of hours!  Seriously!  What in the world?

So now...what can we do to help these folks, some who have lost everything.  

Enter kidecals - a Boulder Colorado company all about sticky stickers!  Amazing labels for babies, kids, teenagers and adults.  These labels stick to everything and are personalized and just plain adorable!!  Love ours!
In total Coloradoian fashion, kidecals are looking to give back to the victims who just happen to be their neighbors and home.

So here is the deal...
What do I want my readers to do today?
Buy a set of labels - you won't be disappointed.  So many of you sent your kiddos off to preschool just weeks perfect would these adorable labels be for their bags, coats, shoes, lunch bags and folders?

While you are placing your order add a Love for Colorado sticker for just 7 dollars - that 7 dollars will help the flood victims to rebuild and start fresh!  

For my readers I will be hosting a small but meaningful giveaway.

Mandatory Entry:
Leave a comment below answering this question:
Where would you display your Colorado Love Sticker?

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I will choose a winner on Friday September 27th at 10:00am MST using

Disclosure:  Kidecals provided me with a store credit to purchase labels/stickers of my own.  These are my opinions and views and was not swayed by any gift or credit.  




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  3. If possible I will put this on my car if it can't go there then I will add it to my phone or tablet. Something that I carry with me everywhere and people see so I can share the story and ask for prayers and support for Colorado.


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