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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Purrfect Puss in Boots Birthday Party

Almost a year ago Jude shared with us the theme of his 4th birthday party.  When he first told us, we laughed but as the months moved on, he continued with this theme, a theme that fits Jude perfectly but was a difficult request.  We moved forward and made it official and started planning a perfect 4th Birthday Party for Jude.  

Introducing a Puss in Boots Birthday Party! 

When I first started planning this party, I decided to look for pre-made Puss in Boots party supplies.  That was a dead end.  I immediately knew that this party wasn't going to be the easiest party to plan but I was ready for a challenge.  Also, I should point out, Jude did NOT want anything Shrek - only Puss in Boots.  Well played son!  

After finding out that I would need to be creative I decided to go with a color scheme instead of a character.  I went with Gold and Black.  Puss in Boots comes off as a dark character but with the splash of gold he shows his suave character too!  I hit up my favorite online party store, Oriental Trading Company.  I found all of my plates, napkins, tablecloths, cutlery and some great paper lanterns for decorations all in black and gold!  Perfect and super easy!    

Once I had my tableware covered I had to start thinking about some of our traditional birthday party items. First up, a personalized Puss in Boots shirt for Jude to wear.  I found this great store on Ebay that made this great personalized shirt with our favorite kitty with a sword on it.  Jude loves it and I know he will ask to wear it again and again.

Next up, a menu!  Yikes, food!  We throw a big party every year which means we have to be prepared to feed all those people.  Our creative little guy told us that we have to have tacos for lunch because Puss in Boots likes Tacos!  Ha!   Well okay then.  So we started planning a Taco Bar.  Don't you worry, I will be posting all about our Taco Bar in a separate post soon enough!  It was the best idea Jude could have had!  Check out our fun gold star napkins!  I am so pleased with our entire order for Oriental Trading Company.  With one shipment I felt like we were ready to party!  

Oh the cake table!  The centerpiece of the food.  One of my good friends is a fantastic cake decorator magic worker and she took Jude's silly request and made it perfect.  Jude's request - "A Lemon Puss in Boots Cake with a Blueberry Sword".  Done and done!  Check out that Blueberry Sword!!  And Puss in Boots looks fantastic!  Every year she amazes me.  The Gold tablecloth makes this cake table perfect too!  All of the colors are making our theme tie into each other.  I loved the look!

For those of you that do not know the story of Puss in Boots, there is a Golden Egg in this story.  During Easter I found the BIG Golden Egg that is hanging from our light fixture and knew it would be a center of our food table.  I decided to go dramatic with the decorations around the food and cake table.  I bought the fun paper lanterns in black and gold and knew I wanted them hanging from the ceiling but thought having a black background would be neat too.  I pinned up 2 black tablecloths on the walls to make the area a land of Puss in Boots black and gold.   

Did you notice the antique looking Wanted sign?  Jude thought that was so funny.  While we didn't have a "Happy Birthday Jude" banner this year I think the addition of the Wanted sign made the background for the cake perfect.  I was also able to find a great big Puss in Boots balloon that Jude was so excited to see.  Thank goodness for Amazon!  Part of Jude's birthday presents this year was the 2 stuffed animals on the cake table - Puss in Boots and Kitty Soft Paws.  Too cute!!  

The cake and our birthday boy after playing in the pool with his buddies.  

Another picture of our Puss in Boots cake.  

After we had food, decorations, and the cake planned I started thinking about how we would bring Puss in Boots to the invitations.  I went to my favorite place to find creative and personal party items and found a great invitation shop on etsy called Splash Box Printables.  It was perfect.  Puss in Boots and Kitty Soft Paws with a picture of our soon to be 4 year old!  

Once again we went with a yummy decorated cookie as our goodie for all of our guests to take home with them from Decorated Desserts.  These Puss in Boots cookies are not only tasty but they are adorable.  The work that is put into each one of them is amazing.  We always get so many compliments when we had these out to our guests.  I highly recommend Decorated Desserts for any upcoming parties you might have.

Our Puss in Boots party was a hit.  The decorations, the theme, the food, the fun and the treats were perfect.  Party planning can be fun, it doesn't have to be exhausting. Finding your theme and committing to it will only make it easier.  

You might be wondering if we have a request for his 5th birthday party theme yet?  Well we do...but you will have to wait to hear all about it until later!  ;)  

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  1. Where did you get the Kitty and Puss dolls?!

  2. It turned out so great - I love all the decorations and the cake is AMAZING!

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  5. What a great party! I looove the cake and taco bar:)


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