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Meet Censie


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Hi there! My name is Censie (said like Kenzie), yeah I know it is different but now you will never forget it – especially if you read this post about my name. I am a Denver Colorado blogger, mother of 2 and wife to Jeremy who loves sharing inspiration as we continue to Build Our Story! After close to 9 years of blogging on the side while working full-time outside of the home I have moved into the roll of a full-time social influencer and writer! What an honor!  

I am a Colorado native and love my state.  I enjoy all things cooking and baking.  And when life gives me the time I love to read.  I love being a mom to my two crazy kiddos, Jude and Teagan.  What a journey this parenting life has been.   
I enjoy sharing yummy kiddo approved recipes, parenting blunders and tips, our traveling tips, easy DIY tutorials, book review and party fun.  

Meet the Family

Jeremy is the “Hubby” of this blog! I talk about him often – duh! He is a great husband and father to Jude and Teagan. He is a full time working father.  Jeremy enjoys playing on a rec softball team, coaching our kid's sports teams, all things music and a huge Boston Red Sox Fan!


We met in college out in Nebraska but funny enough found out that we were both from Colorado! Meant to be! We have been together ever since. Soul mates? I think so! 

For our wedding recap check out these links:

So we bought a house had great jobs and then what is next? Oh yeah kiddos!! :O)

 In October 2009 we found out we were expecting. What a great day! 

 On June 25, 2010 we welcomed baby Jude Robert into our hearts! In love and first sight! 

Jude is one active, fun and loving little boy. He has brought us so much and we do not know what we would be doing without him in our lives.

In March 2012 we were excited to find out we were expecting again!  So blessed and so excited!

On October 20, 2012 we met our Due Date Baby Teagan Evelyn. 

Teagan is such a great baby and has made our family perfect.  We are excited to be living the life of a family of 4.
We are Building Our Story every day and we appreciate you reading and commenting! It is nice to meet you!! 


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